Our vision

Quality sustainable solutions for all that are cross cutting in the sphere of environmental and heath

Our mission

To provide solutions that are practical and cost-effective to communities and improving their environmental and health outcomes.

Green business  is a company registered in 2009 with the department of trade and industry, in South Africa. Its head office is based in Pretoria.  Green business empowers community people and changes the lives of community members at a local level. Good environment and as well as good quality of life and sustainable environmental healthy  lifestyle are what motivates us to provide environmental and healthcare solutions and support to local communities and companies who need it most. 

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Green business and environmental company is committed to supporting the environmental sustainability for the Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda (global sustainable development goals), aimed at provision of good health  and wellbeing; ensuring healthy lives for al  at all ages with specific focus on gender equity.  The environmental goals aim at ensuring availability and sustainability of water and sanitation for all, focusing on the disadvantaged communities. As well as promotion of sustained, inclusive economic growth, and decent work for all. These guide our work which focuses on implementation of  environmental and health related programs including health promotion and communication. Our work is built on a foundation of research to ensure that funds are focused where we can make the most difference in individuals and the environment they live.

Green Business has an experienced technical team, with expertise in Environmental and Health related issues. As much of our programmes and research are community based, we actively partner and involve communities and local structures. We work with diverse partners, collaborators and donors.  GBEC is guided by a strong ethical and human rights ethos and our staff is committed to the highest ethical standards.

Contact us

Registration Number: 2009/140339/23

Contact Details: Ms Glenda Baloyi

E-mail: Glendah@gbconsult.co.za

Telephone: + 27 078 139 0028